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Moab 2004
by J. Huppezwart

In July-August 2004 I went to Moab for a 4 week trip. My plan was: Do a lot of mountainbiking! I have been to Moab three times before, so I know what was ahead.
Since my first visit in 1991 i felt in love with this area. Mountainbiking here is in my opinion the best place in the world. Ok. It has changed a lot since then, especially crowdwise, there are many more peoples now, but as soon you stay away from the populair trails, it is mountainbike heaven. Trails are sometimes extremely difficult (even dangerous!!) and you need all your skills to stay safe. It is also good not to have fear of hights. Offcourse there are more “easy to do” trails, but my mainrides are mostly placed in the “gonzo-abusive” (locally word for “a bit more than dangerous”) categorie.



USA - moabUSA - moab just hold it

Here are a few rules wich are in my eyes a must if you go for a safe ride and planning to go home by plain and not in broken pieces.

X - Be in a good shape. It is very,very hot when you go in the summer (you can go in the fall offcourse). Temperatures can go easily to 40 degrees.

X - Exercise well.You need all your skills to make a ride here enyoable.

X - Before you go for a ride tell the people from the campground or hotel where you are going incase something happens. You can also go with some friends,so this goes up when you go alone.

X - Don’t be a “daredevil”. If you are afraid use your mind and walk down, it keeps you out of the hospital.

X - Your bike must be very well mantained. It is the only thing in a lot of places that can bring you back.

X - The most important point: ENJOY!!!!!

USA - moab no one thereUSA - moab path

USA - moab uphillUSA -moab where road ends

There are 2 national parks (Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park) and one statepark (Dead horse state park.) in the surrounding area. If you are in Moab you have to visit these parks, they are beautifull. It is wise to rent a car because they are a few miles out of Moab. Try to rent a four wheel car, you can use this car to go to the trails because many of them are also in the backland.

USA - moab streetHuppezwartmoab071

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As I say: I find Moab one of the best places to do mountainbiking, but it is not a family place to do this. It can be dangerous and there a lot of trails with pretty dangerous descends and steep cliffs. It is easy to get lost and get dehydrated. But if you use your mind it is “heaven on earth” for a mountainbiker. You can go to a hot place and within 30 kilometers you can ride in the Manti-la-Salle mountains, where are mountains up to 3000 mtrs. And temperaturs are pretty good if you compare them with those in the north of Moab.

A good book with a lot of information of the trails is : Above and beyond slickrock.

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J. Huppezwart

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